Adam Bruton

Adam Bruton is a lecturer in Sports and Exercise Psychology at the University of Roehampton. Adam joined Roehampton in January 2015 and currently teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Sport Psychology. He completed his BSc degree in Sports Science at Swansea University in 2010, before remaining at Swansea to complete his PhD in Sports Science between 2010-2014. During this time Bruton also performed the role of Associate Lecturer in Sports Science (Sport and Exercise Psychology) at Swansea. He is currently working on research projects investigating the neural process underpinning group dynamics processes in team sports athletes.

He has broad research interests covering the fields of social psychology and social cognitive neuroscience. These include: observation and group dynamics, individual and group efficacy beliefs, and neuroscience and group-related constructs. His current research projects are focused on observation and imagery as interventions for group-related phenomena across settings (i.e., sport, military, academic), and examining cerebral cortical motor areas recruited when developing group dynamics processes (e.g., collective efficacy perceptions).

He is Co-Convener for the undergraduate Sport Psychology Programme.At postgraduate level Dr Bruton is Module Convener for Applications of Psychological Support and contributes to Approaches to Psychological Support and Professional Practice modules on the MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise Programme. At undergraduate level Bruton is Module Convener for Advanced Topics in Psychology (L3) and contributes to Psychology of Peak Performance (L2) and Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology (L3) on the BSc Sport Psychology Programme. He also contributes to Limitations to Performance and Training (L3).

Some of his publications include:

  • Bruton, A. M., Shearer, D. A., Mellalieu, S.D., Roderique-Davies, G., & Hall, R. (2013). Performance accomplishment information as predictors of self-efficacy as a function of skill level in amateur golf. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 25,197-208.
  • Bruton, A. M., Mellalieu, S. D., & Shearer, D. A. (2014). Observation interventions as a means to manipulate collective efficacy in groups. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 36, 27-39.
  • Santi, G., Bruton, A. M., Pietrantoni, L., & Mellalieu, S. D. (2014). Sport commitment and participation in masters swimmers: The influence of coach and teammates. European Journal of Sport Science, 15, 1-9. 

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Published: 23 September 2015

Last update: 01 September 2016

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