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Actionable Mental Self-Care Resolutions Worth Considering in 2023

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New Year resolutions for most people centre on fitness because it is an inspiring time when everyone wants to focus on improvements. You may want to build muscle, lose weight, or enhance your curves. But your mental well-being deserves as much attention as physical fitness. Setting a resolution to prioritise mental well-being is a significant way to support your overall health. But before setting your goals and resolutions, you must ensure they are actionable and realistic. It is the only way to stick with them and make them a way of life instead of dropping them off sooner than later. Let us share a few actionable mental self-care resolutions worth considering in 2023.

Discover the power of positivity

The best mental self-care resolution you can make this New Year is to discover the power of positivity. Positive thinking breeds feelings of optimism and gratefulness, which help a person cope with daily stresses and challenges. You can embrace a few positive measures in your lifestyle to change your mindset and become the best version of yourself. Here are some expert-recommended techniques you can consider trying-

  • Meditation declutters your mind by eliminating negative thoughts and making space for positive ones. You can start with a ten-minute session every morning and evening and incorporate several smaller ones when stress hits during the day.
  • Positive affirmations incorporate daily reminders such as “I am peaceful” and “I am confident” to foster similar personality traits that make you a healthier and happier person.
  • Practise gratitude by starting a gratitude journal to write one thing you are thankful for every day. You will be surprised when you start counting your blessings daily.
  • Try something new that makes you happy and confident. For example, you can pick gardening, cooking, or music as a hobby or learn a new skill or language. 

Manage your expectations

Perhaps the best way to start the New Year on a mentally healthy note is by managing your expectations. You may have a long list of resolutions, such as losing ten pounds by spring, getting the promotion you want by summer, or switching your career during the year. But setting the bar too high can do more harm than good. Avoid going over the top with your expectations because they can damage your peace and mental health. Also, steer clear of perfectionism, as it is not possible and only stresses you out. Experts recommend staying realistic and giving yourself a margin of error. Also, be forgiving if you fail to live up to expectations from yourself.

Break goals into smaller milestones

Surprisingly, breaking your goals into smaller milestones can do wonders for your mental health. Imagine how overwhelming the target of losing 25 pounds sounds. You may end up feeling stressed and eating more, only to gain weight rather than lose it. But it becomes a lot easier when you switch to monthly milestones of trimming down two pounds every month. You can chase the goal without stress and set the momentum for weight loss with smaller milestones and timelines. 

Manage your sleep schedule

Sleep is a cornerstone of mental well-being, so managing your sleep schedule should be a part of your mental health resolutions in 2023. Consider your current schedule to understand the gaps in the first place. If you aren’t getting eight hours of sleep, you need to clean up your routine. Ditching late nights, giving up on gadgets, and avoiding heavy meals in the evenings are a few effective measures. Also, embrace natural sleep remedies instead of relying on sleeping pills because they do more harm than good. Cannabis is an excellent option as it is safe and natural. The best part is that it is legal, so you can explore stores like ghousedc.com to pick a product that works for you. Meditation, soft music, hot baths, and herbal teas are some other sleep rituals that induce a restful slumber. 

Create a cleaning schedule

Clean surroundings do more than add aesthetic appeal to your living space. They bring positivity and make you a happier person. This New Year, create a cleaning schedule you can adhere to. For example, you can invest in a deep cleaning project every weekend and a decluttering spree every month. Likewise, clear the spills and stains as soon as they happen. Avoid buying unnecessary stuff because it can stress you out. Embrace minimalism because it works well for your mental health.

Build a comfortable budget

Financial stability goes a long way in fostering mental well-being, so committing to a comfortable budget helps. It is the best New Year’s resolution you can make because it boosts your financial and mental health. Consider your income and choose your expenses accordingly. While some expenses are a given, you can skip the frivolous ones and focus more on savings as they ensure stability in the long haul. You need not be an accounting pro to create a realistic budget. Just crunch your numbers and set aside amounts for all your expenses. You can also automate monthly savings by sending a set amount to a separate account every month. Steering clear of habits like impulsive buying is crucial.

Connect with others

While alone time is essential for mental wellness, isolation does just the opposite. It breeds negativity and affects your relationships in the long run. Commit to connecting more with family, friends, and co-workers this New Year. It is even more crucial after the distancing gaps during the pandemic times. Prioritize dinner-table conversations and encourage everyone in the family to talk about their day. Plan outings with friends and foster professional connections by helping people as much as possible. The feeling of being connected makes you happy. 

Mental self-care should be on top of your wish list at all times. But you can get a good start by tailoring your New Year resolutions around it. Remember to make realistic ones you can stick with and make a part of your lifestyle. Try this checklist in 2023 to begin the New Year on a good note.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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