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Acquiesce Garners Multiple Prestigious Nominations at 2023 Health and Well-Being Awards

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Acquiesce, a distinguished private rehab centre based in Bolton, UK, is thrilled to announce its nominations for esteemed awards at two prominent events: the Bolton Health & Well-being Awards and the She Inspires Awards. These nominations underscore Acquiesce’s unwavering dedication to providing top-tier services and exceptional contributions to various facets of the health and well-being sector.

The Bolton Health & Well-being Awards, set to unfold on Saturday, 30th September, beginning at 7:00 PM, will see Acquiesce nominated for accolades across multiple categories.

  • Team of 2023. Acquiesce’s cohesive and dedicated team stands poised to receive recognition for their outstanding efforts in aiding clients on their journey to recovery.
  • Therapist of the Year – Tina McCoy. Tina’s exceptional skills as a recovery practitioner have earned her a well-deserved nomination for this coveted award.
  • Mental Health Worker / Mentor – Ellie Iannaccone. Ellie’s impactful contributions to mental health support have earned her acknowledgement in this category.
  • Inspirational Woman – Carla Guffogg. Carla’s inspirational journey and dedication to making a difference led her to be nominated for this accolade.
  • Inspirational Man – Adrian Guffogg. Acquiesce’s Adi has been recognised for his remarkable influence and commitment to positive change.
  • Outstanding Business of the Year – Danielle Robinson. Acquiesce’s co-founder, Dani, has steered the centre’s growth and impact, leading to this nomination for the prestigious business award.

As well as the Bolton Health & Well-being Awards, Acquiesce’s excellence will be celebrated at the “She Inspires Awards” on Thursday,  23rd November, at 6:00 p.m. The nominations for this event further reflect Acquiesce’s commitment to fostering a holistic approach to wellness.

  • Team of the Year. Acquiesce’s exceptional teamwork garners them a well-deserved nomination for this award.
  • Rising Star – Ellie Iannaccone. Ellie’s ascent as a rising star in the mental health field is acknowledged with this nomination.
  • SheRo Award – Carla Guffogg. Carla’s embodiment of a true SheRo – a female hero – lands her a nomination in this category.
  • Women in Business – Danielle Robinson. Dani’s impactful leadership and contribution to the business world have earned her recognition.
  • Women in Leadership – Tina McCoy. Tina’s exemplary leadership qualities and dedication have nominated her in this category.
Managing director of Acquiesce, Danielle Robinson, said: “I view these nominations as a testament to our holistic approach to rehabilitation and our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our clients. The team is delighted to be nominated and extremely excited about the upcoming awards.”

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