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7 Practical Tips and Tricks for Absorbing More CBD

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Imagine heading to the store and dropping a bunch of money on high-quality CBD oil that has undergone lab testing only to find the product doesn’t provide the expected results. Men and women become frustrated when this is the case and wonder what went wrong. The CBD market remains unregulated today and numerous things could go wrong. In fact, a recent study found that as much as 70% of CBD products sold online today lack the proper labelling when it comes to the CBD content of the product. Nevertheless, other things could interfere with the delivery of the active cannabinoid compound to the cells of the body. Fortunately, users find by taking certain steps they boost the body’s uptake of CBD and maximise the therapeutic effects of the compound.

Bioavailability and metabolism

First, users must understand how the body utilises the compound. CBD is fat-soluble rather than water-soluble, making it harder for the body to digest. Human cells naturally digest water-based substances with ease, but that isn’t the case with fat-based substances such as CBD. As a result, the body must find ways to access the nutritive and chemical benefits of the CBD-based product. The body absorbs this compound more readily when it is infused in a carrier oil with high-fat content. As a result, users should consider incorporating the CBD into a product with a lipid content to boost cellular uptake, and purerelief.com can be of help with this.

Follow the directions

First, users must follow the direction on the product’s label. Although this may seem obvious, many people overlook this simple step and don’t obtain the results they expected. This is crucial when taking CBD oil because the oil must remain under the tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds before it is swallowed or the CBD won’t be absorbed. The salivary glands and capillaries in the sublingual area need time to absorb the substance into the bloodstream where it is then transported to the appropriate areas of the body.

Many individuals open the box, fill the dropper with oil, stick it under their tongue, and swallow. They express disappointment when they don’t see any effects. The oil moves down the oesophagus into the gut where it then moves to the liver and is processed for urinary excretion. The body doesn’t absorb it as it makes its way through this journey, which is why no benefits are obtained.

Avoid pure CBD isolates

Full-spectrum tinctures offer more benefits than 100 percent pure CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products include all active cannabis compounds as opposed to only the CBD. Cannabis contains hundreds of phytocannabinoids along with dozens of terpenes, and scientists have found the potency of the therapeutic properties of cannabis increases when all compounds work together rather than in isolation.

Combine CBD with melatonin

When using CBD for insomnia or sleep issues, combine the CBD product with melatonin for enhanced results. The pineal gland naturally secretes melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Certain manufacturers now provide products that combine CBD with melatonin so the consumer doesn’t have to take this step.

Consider using THC

THC and CBD come from the same plant but provide different effects. CBD and other active compounds in cannabis tend to be more effective when used together instead of being fractioned off as CBD isolates. While many choose to avoid THC because of its psychoactive effects, it can be of help to those who find the CBD alone isn’t enough. Most CBD products on the market today don’t contain THC, but those who live in states where cannabis has been legalised find this is an option to consider. In those states where it is not yet legal, keep an eye on new laws, as more states are opting to legalise cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use.

Medical marijuana

In those states where marijuana has been legalised for medical use, consider going this route. This provides access to legal dispensaries that have been licensed by the state. Products sold in these dispensaries contain higher CBD-to-THC ratios and tend to be more effective than CBD products alone. However, marijuana takes longer to cultivate than hemp, and CBD products derived from hemp may be more easily obtained as a result. Individuals must keep this in mind when deciding which route is best for their needs.

Try CBD super coffee

Certain CBD users say their preferred method of consumption is super coffee. This coffee comes with healthy added saturated fats, such as those that come from palm oil. When the CBD oil is added to the coffee along with the saturated fats, the body finds it easier to take up the active cannabinoids thanks to the high lipid content. As a result, it reaches the bloodstream more easily when it can be carried to the areas of the body where it is needed.

CBD liposomes

Although this is a fairly new concept in the CBD industry, some companies now offer CBD liposomes designed to enhance the molecular bioavailability of CBD that is taken orally. While lysosomes have been around for some time now, the little capsules of fat that are used in lipid-soluble drugs are just now being used in the CBD industry. It is believed that encapsulating the CBD in a lipid pocket will make it easier for the digestive system to absorb the chemical components and provide the user with more relief. This is due to the availability of the CBD for use by the tissue and cell systems in need of the substance.

There are numerous ways to maximise the effects of CBD. Each user needs to try different methods to find the one that is best for their specific needs. Don’t give up, however. You’ve spent money to purchase the product and want to ensure you obtain the anticipated benefits. In many cases, it’s simply a matter of finding a way to help the body absorb more of the chemical compound. If you continue to struggle, don’t hesitate to speak with the CBD manufacturer. They are of great help in ensuring you get the most from the products they sell.


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