About Us

Psychreg is a product of collective efforts, and we are honoured that this team effort has led Psychreg to be recognised as a Highly Commended Blog by the UK Blog Awards in 2017 and 2018.

We strive to deliver regularly updated and high-quality contents, and for this we are recognised as one of the most influential psychology blogs.


The core mission of Psychreg is simple: We aim to be generous in providing people with relevant and high-quality information in psychology, mental health and well-being. For the story behind Psychreg, you might want to read this interview by Laura Donaghy-Spargo. 

Growing up in a slum in Manila in the Philippines, its founder, Dennis Relojo have witnessed first-hand how discussions about mental health and well-being are considered a luxury, which is understandable given that there are numerous other issues which are deemed to be more pressing. Indeed, managing Psychreg, along with other commitments, was a shot in the dark – financially and otherwise. But through the support of the online community, Psychreg is gradually gaining traction. 


When the website was launched in 2014, it started as a directory of people who are interested in psychology. It was named Psychreg: a portmanteau of ‘psychology’ and ‘registry’.



We are acutely aware that there are many blogs in this niche, but what makes us uniquely positioned is our approach:

  • Psychreg Blog – This is our flagship platform where we feature a wealth of information: from profiles, high-quality articles, latest research, job vacancies, event announcements, and mental health stories.
  • Psychreg Podcast – Some people would rather listen to a podcast or see a video, and we understand that. That’s why Psychreg teamed up with The Mental Breakdown to deliver regular episodes on a wide range of topics in psychology, mental health, and well-being. Hosted by Dr Berney Wilkinson and Dr Richard Marshall, our podcast episodes are cross-posted on our YouTube channel.
  • Psychreg Journal of Psychology – PJP is an open access initiative of Psychreg. As a free-to-publish publication, we aim to provide a genuine platform for knowledge sharing, so that we can support researchers, academics, and students in disseminating their works.
  • Psychreg Index – We are proud to house the world’s first and largest list of blogs relating to psychology, mental health, and well-being.
  • Gratis Index – We also house a comprehensive list of scholarly publications where researchers can publish their works for free. 
  • Mental health stories – We believe that blogging can be an instrumental tool in combatting the stigma of mental health, this is why we offer a platform for people who are struggling with their mental health issues to share their stories.
  • Events – We believe that our approach makes us a relevant online resource. But, if Psychreg is to become even more relevant, we are not convinced that it should remain just an online resource. Hence, we also organise our own events to promote timely discussions. 
  • Academic networking Psychreg aims to be more relevant to psychologists, counsellors, and educators. This is the core reason why we established the International Society of Psychology, Counselling and Education (ISPCE). The Society also intends to act as a bridge for scholarly communication and  professional interaction among psychologists, counsellors, and educators around the globe. 
  • Services – Our well-knit team can help you with your needs; be it research assistance, social media management, sponsored articles, events team up, or even website design. We specialise in working with rehabilitation clinics, psychology clinics, counselling services, and academia.