What makes us stand out?

There are countless psychology blogs around, but what makes us unique is our approach. Aside from publishing articles, we also run a podcast and an open-access journal.

We empower people by publishing mental health stories and hosting events. We also offer useful resources, which include the Psychreg Index and the Gratis Index.

What's our story?

Psychreg was launched in March 2014 by Dennis Relojo-Howell. We started as a directory of people who are interested in psychology before moving on to become a dynamic platform we are now.

We are an award-winning platform: In June 2020, we were awarded the 'Wellbeing Excellence in the Workplace' by the Ayanay Psychological Accreditation and in August 2020 we were named 'Blogger of the Year' by the Mental Health Blog Awards.

How do you say 'Psychreg'?

Saying a made-up word can be quite tricky. Psychreg is a pormanteau of 'psychology' and 'registry'. So it's 'psych' (like in psychology) and 'reg' (like in registry) – It's Psychreg.

Go on – hear it for yourself.  

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