Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution III

Abortion & Reproductive Justice:  The Unfinished Revolution III

The Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction, Rhodes University, the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition (South Africa), and the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, in partnership with the Department of Social Development (South African government) and a range of international partners will co-host the Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution III conference at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa in July 2018. The conference builds on two previous conferences with the same name held in Canada in August 2014 and in Northern Ireland in July 2016. The aim of this third iteration is to bring the conversation, scholarship, and exploration of issues and activism to those living in jurisdictions where abortion access is highly restricted, while at the same time hearing from scholars, activists and service providers from across the globe.

A three-part conference

We hope to attract a mix of academics, activists, healthcare providers and government people and those involved in advocacy, law and policy reform, capacity building, service delivery, training, information sharing and networking from across the globe. In line with the range of participants expected, the conference programme will include a range of formats for interaction as highlighted below.

Part 1 (Skills Sharing): Pre-conference workshops

Pre-conference workshops will be organised to give students and early career professionals an opportunity to engage in in-depth work with presenters on a range of relevant topics. Workshop proposals will be invited within the broad themes of: research; advocacy and activism; publishing journal articles; policy development; health and service delivery. While any conference delegate may sign up for the workshops, we would like to make funding available for young delegates to participate without cost.

Part 2 (Knowledge Sharing): Taking a critical stance on reproductive justice and abortion

The conference organisers will invite conference abstract submissions on any topic or theme that takes a critical stance on any aspect of reproductive justice and abortion, particularly related to five key themes:

  • Health systems, histories of abortion, and abortion politics
  • Education, interventions and treatment
  • Theory and methods in research
  • Social contexts and communications
  • Activism and advocacy

Keynote speakers with significant experience in research and/or advocacy will be invited to speak on each of the two days, providing a space for robust plenary discussion and input from well-known people in the field. The proposed speakers will be balanced in terms of: background, and area of focus (research; advocacy and activism; health and service delivery). These presentations will be followed by parallel sessions.

The following formats for presentations will be welcomed:

  • symposia
  • round-table discussion
  • soapbox presentation
  • debate
  • five-minute challenge
  • individual paper
  • arts or drama presentations

Part 3 (Participatory, in-depth discussion sessions): Sharing of knowledge and experience on three major themes

Building on the more academic part of the conference, these two days will prioritise the sharing of knowledge and experience of advocacy for safe abortion in the Africa region through participatory discussions in groups of 15–20. Discussions will be focused on three major subjects:

Criminalisation and decriminalisation of abortion
How medical aboriton pills are changing everything (or should be)?
Understanding the basis of the opposition to abortion in Africa today

Call for abstracts

A call for abstracs will go out on 1 September 2017

For more information please email cssradmin@ru.ac.za

Important dates

01 February 2018: Abstract submission deadline
01 April 2018: Abstract decision letters sent out
01 May 2018: Early bird registration open
01 June 2018: Final registration deadline

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