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Abhijit Chakraborty works as a senior content editor for an e-learning firm based in Mumbai, India. Abhijit spent a large part of his life outside home, pursuing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in microbiology in the Indian Garden City of Bengaluru. This is where he underwent the transformation from a student to a professional. His first job was as an assistant editor at Macmillan India Limited. He spent a year and a half behind the desk, copy editing research articles published in the journals of Nature Publishing Group.

Soon, his next big stint was as a consultant editor at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP). At this leading Indian think tank, he had the opportunity to work closely with graduates of premier Indian tech schools working together to build policy recommendations for the central and state governments in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015). In addition, it was here that he had the opportunity to interact with and work under Dr VS Arunachalam, former scientific advisor to the Defence Minister, an eminent Indian scientist, a recipient of the prestigious Padma Vibhushan Award, and a key contributor in the Arjuna tank project and the Tejas LCA project of the Indian Armed forces.

In addition to his job, Abhijit seeks pro bono opportunities on United Nations Volunteers, and had used his editing skills to review two background research papers for the State of the World Volunteerism Report (SWVR) 2014.

When he is not working, Abhijit likes spending time playing his bass guitar, collaborating occasionally on music projects, trying to pen thoughts into words and wandering about in the meandering alleys in his mind. He also has a thing for acting as well, and played the role of King Herod in a Bible-based skit recently. He sometimes likes to identify himself by the Latin word Nemo and loves his mother’s home-made recipes. He loves food, in addition to music, and also likes watching animation movies, cartoon series, horror and suspense flicks, Mr Bean and other classics.

Occasionally, he posts his writing and songs on Facebook and SoundCloud, respectively, and you can also get in touch with him on LinkedIn.



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