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ABA Billing Support – How the Experts Do It

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When it comes to ABA billing, there are many things to remember, which can take a lot of your time to sort out. In addition, it can be quite a complicated process that can use up many of your business’s resources, which are better spent elsewhere. The requirement of expert knowledge of the billing process for therapy specific to autism means that companies that perform billing for general medicine don’t have the same ability to offer the highest quality of service that ABA billing companies can. 

For this reason, many outsource ABA billing to optimise profits by using their resources to grow their business instead of focusing on administrative tasks – such as billing. ABA billing companies are extremely efficient at billing for this specific type of medical care, which means you can trust it to be done correctly, minimising the chances of errors and setbacks. Below we explain why the experts offer the best ABA billing support and what you can expect if you outsource ABA billing. 

Industry expertise

One of the main reasons many companies offering Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy choose to outsource their billing process to companies with extensive experience in this field is that several aspects of billing are updated constantly. These include reimbursement allowances, payor coverage policies, billing requirements, and ABA billing codes. It can be confusing for someone who is not an expert in the industry to keep abreast of all the changes and know what to do. Companies that focus solely on billing for businesses that offer ABA therapy are proficient in keeping up to date with the ongoing changes. As a result, they are the best way for you to perform your ABA billing as accurately as possible. 


When it comes to compliance while completing ABA billing, it is essential to use the correct modifiers and codes for the different parts of therapy. This includes the initial assessment and the delivery method of therapy used. Ensuring ABA billing is as accurate as possible can be quite challenging for those with little experience. For this reason, many people opt to outsource this task to experts in the field. By doing this, you reduce the stress put on you and your business, as you won’t have to worry about potentially missing something or doing it incorrectly. Having external help for your ABA billing process also increases the reimbursement you receive because the experts will know exactly what qualifies for it and what doesn’t. 

Eliminate administrative burdens

Another great reason many businesses choose to bring in experts to do their billing is that it eliminates many administrative burdens that can slow down your business overall. When it comes to billing, it can take a considerable amount of time to manage claims, file appeals, and contact payors. All of these tasks can be completed by experts, which means you can use your resources to help grow your business even more so it can be as successful as possible. You also won’t have to spend time correcting any billing errors: the experts will ensure any problems are fixed.  

Outsourcing ABA insurance and billing

Outsourcing your ABA billing can mean several different things. Before you start, you should know a little about how it all works and what you can expect the process to look like.

Options for managing ABA insurance and billing

First of all, each business that outsources its billing will have an entirely different experience, as the billing experts tailor their work to each new company they work with so that it can run optimally. Once you have met with the company you are outsourcing to do your ABA billing, you can plan how things will run in the future so that both parties fully understand the agreement requirements. 

What to expect from the process

There are several areas of ABA billing and insurance that you can outsource for help within your business. Apart from the billing aspect, there are also credentialing, contracting, and benefits verification. Credentialing involves ensuring you have the approval of the patient’s insurance provider to offer your services, which can take a lot of time and resources. Contracting covers everything to do with creating contracts between insurance companies, ensuring you will be paid for your services. Finally, benefits verification sees to it that the patient’s insurance providers will cover the therapy so that your business receives the correct payment.

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