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68% of Brits Say They Share a Bed with an Annoying Sleeper

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With World Sleep Day coming this Friday, DUSK, a company specialising in affordable luxury homeware, has conducted a revealing survey to delve into the nation’s sleeping habits, uncovering some startling truths.

The survey’s results are eye-opening: a staggering 68% of Brits admit that the person they share a bed with exhibits some of the most irksome sleeping habits, with snoring topping the list of grievances.

Despite these frustrations, a mere 24% of people acknowledge their own potential to be annoying sleepers. This disconnect prompted DUSK to devise a quiz, aiming to help individuals discern whether they are delightful or troublesome bed partners.

In a study involving 2,000 UK adults, DUSK uncovered a range of bothersome bedtime behaviours. Snoring is the primary offence, annoying 67% of those sharing a bed. The other culprits in the top five include cover-stealing (50%), restless tossing and turning (47%), sleeping with the light on (43%), and sleep talking (34%).

Interestingly, Brits seem more lenient towards partners who sleep through alarms, with only 21% finding it irksome.

Yet, the dichotomy persists: 68% of Brits are peeved by their bedfellow’s sleep habits, but only a quarter see themselves as the cause of disturbance.

Jade Crooks, Commercial Director at DUSK, weighs in on these findings: “From boosting energy to battling brain fog and aiding recovery, a good night’s sleep makes all the difference to our wellbeing. So, it’s no surprise that the opposite, poor sleep, can be detrimental.”

Crooks adds: “If you often struggle to drift off or stay asleep, then our study shows that it may well be your nearest and dearest that are part of the problem. With rest being a pillar of our mental and physical health, it’s important to notice whether seemingly minor frustrations with the person you share a bed with are, in fact, consistently or seriously impacting your sleep routine. For example, maybe their snoring constantly keeps you awake or you regularly find yourself waking up cold without any covers.”

She concludes: “At the same time, we need to be aware of our own potentially annoying sleeping habits that could be keeping our partners awake at night. That’s why DUSK has created an Annoying Sleeper quiz, a simple yet effective tool to spot if you’re guilty of the most frustrating bedtime habits.”

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