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The “5 AM Club” and Its Benefits

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You’d be unstoppable if you could only have one more hour of the day. Even though you’re not able to have the ideal 25-hour workday, it is possible to put in an extra 60 minutes to guarantee the success of your day. However, with everything to be done, How do you make time for another hour?

The “5 AM Club” is an international bestseller 2018 published by Robin Sharma, a Canadian self-help author and a leadership expert. The method he uses is to wake up at 5 a.m. and then focus for the first hour of the day focusing on you.

Awaking early and spending some uninterrupted time can make you successful. Getting up before the sun rises seems impossible. Still, the changes in your sleep routine could translate into more productive routines for work and a higher level of performance throughout the day.

Three advantages of waking up at 5 a.m.

Rising early can provide numerous benefits if you need motivation to set your alarm timer.

Higher performance and increased proactiveness

Dr. Serkan Aygin pointed out: “Human beings possess an indefinite amount of control and concentration. As the day progresses, you naturally put in less effort. Your mood changes, your tasks become more difficult, and you find yourself exhausted. Starting the day earlier while riding the wave of productivity will help you focus on the most crucial tasks at the beginning of the day and finish more before you finish.

“Moreover, research shows that morning people are generally more active. The bedtime and thoughtful morning routines can lead to more discipline and better daily habits.”

Improved sleep and stress reduction

The psychologist at Pcbitalian stated: “Those who get up earlier tend to fall asleep and sleep more. Also, improved sleep typically leads to more energy and a better mood. Exercise typically lowers stress levels. It’s the first thing you’ll do each morning; you begin your day with a positive attitude. The fact that you wake up early allows you to take time to shower, get dressed for the day, and enjoy an easy breakfast. Furthermore, heading to work early enough to avoid traffic jams can reduce anxiety and allow you to relax while commuting.”

Continue this routine on weekends

Emrah Akdeniz, Workhy mentioned: “We’re naturally inclined to be up late on weekends since these are generally days of no work. If you don’t adhere to your week’s schedule on weekends, it is more likely to interrupt your routine for the morning. When there’s an interruption, it could be a problem for you throughout the rest of the week. Maintaining your usual early start time is important regardless of the week.

Although you might have fewer things to do on weekends, setting up a flexible schedule is important. Sticking to the schedule will allow you to achieve your weekly goals. It could be better to have a productive start on weekdays and an unproductive one on weekends. Weekends should be fun and productive of excitement.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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