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Final Call for Submissions: 4th Public Engagement and Performance Conference


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Barbara Hepworth once wrote that ‘sculpture is the translation of meaning’.The same might be said of much of our research as we look to understand and communicate more effectively, while at the same time being able to evaluate audience and public engagement.

The conference provides a platform to explore different ways we come to know, understand and communicate research, along with how we navigate ethically the feedback and evaluation process. The conference prioritises time to explore and discuss many of the complex ethical challenges we face on these journeys. Over the two days we aim to provide a forum to explore innovative, engaging, and impactful methodologies. In previous years delegates have said they have gained inspiration from the variety of arts/science projects and practices showcased, which have given birth to many new and exciting connections and collaborations.

The following is a taster:

  • Award winning sculptor Sarah Smith, revisits ‘Imagination and Intuition’;
  • Bernadette and Paul Burbridge, Artistic Directors at Riding Lights Theatre share insights on, ‘Community Theatre, Collaborations and funding ‘;
  • Delia Muir, Wellcome Trust Fellow ‘Public/Patient Possibilities’ (our ‘in progress’ workshop)
  • ‘Stories From the Frontline: Ethical Challenges/Performing Feedback’ by Andrew Gillott takes delegates on a journey through the practice relationship between Olympic performance coaches and the coach developer.
  • Films include: A Well Trodden Path by Janice Howard; Emotionally Fit by Jackie Goode reveals a journey into fashion through the lens of an ageing body; Cultural Rivers by Melanie Hani and Elaine Drainville who focus on filmmaking with children who are first generation immigrants in the UK;  I Think About It Everyday by David Jackson, re-performing the embodiments of war through the use of multi modal methods and documentary theatre.

For further information, click here.  To submit an abstract, click here

We have a dedicated ‘short film/documentary’ stream and multimedia possibilities for performance pieces. We welcome live performance, installations, dance and music. We welcome traditional submissions of papers on any aspect of research practice, arts-based research, public/community projects, or issues concerned with social justice, human rights, ethical challenges and dilemmas, public engagement project and issues surrounding impact. We welcome works-in-progress for our ‘in-the-round’ discussion groups. 

Please visit the conference website

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