30 Years of POWS: Looking Back While Moving Forward

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The Psychology of Women Section (POWS) is delighted to announce our special 30th Anniversary annual conference. The POWS conference will take place from  12th – 14th July at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. ​

At the conference we will reflect on the history of POWS, paying tribute to all those who dedicated many hard years of lobbying for the recognition and approval of our Section, alongside showcasing the future directions of POWS, and feminist psychology more broadly.

The POWS conference always provides an excellent opportunity for feminist researchers, teachers and practitioners in and around psychology to meet and exchange ideas, as well as for students to present their works for the first time in a supportive and nurturing environment. We also award two student prizes — an undergraduate prize and a postgraduate prize. More information on prize submissions is available on our conference site.

We would be delighted to consider submissions from a range of areas relevant to the work of POWS including but not limited to:

  • reflections on 30 years of POWS,
  • theorising feminisms,
  • non-binary constructions of gender,
  • identities,
  • parenting,
  • sexual violence and exploitation,
  • sexualities,
  • mental health,
  • health,
  • qualitative/critical methodologies,
  • social justice, race, disability, class and intersectionality.

We welcome a range of submissions including paper, workshop, symposium and/or poster presentations. The early submission deadline for abstracts is on 27 February 2017. 

You can submit your abstract and register for the conference at our conference website.

For enquiries, please contact Kerry Wood at the BPS Conference Office on Tel: +44 (0)116 252 9555 or via email: powsconference@bps.org.uk

Source: British Psychological Society

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