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25C Heat Spike: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Naked

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Whether you should sleep in pj’s or not is a highly debated topic with an average of 52k monthly searches for “sleeping naked” and nearly 20k for “benefits of sleeping naked”. With 1 in 5 Brits opting to sleep nude in the sheets2, what do the experts think? 

Whether it’s a daily habit for you or a new routine you’re willing to try, Dr Hana Patel, resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep shares her six considerations and tips to keep in mind before ditching the pj’s. 

Sleeping naked can improve blood circulation

Dr Patel explained: “Sleeping naked can improve blood circulation, benefitting your heart and muscles as you rest. This benefit to sleeping naked occurs as your body isn’t being restricted by articles of clothing which may be too tight such as underwear and socks.

“As well as improving blood circulation, a night of quality sleep also increases the release of growth hormones and melatonin, both of which have anti-ageing benefits.”

Sleeping naked increases fertility and reduces the chance of infection

Dr Patel advises: “For men, sleeping naked can increase fertility with a recent study in the Journal of Andrology finding that men who choose not to wear pants at night improved the quality of their sperm.

“There is also a reduced risk of possible infections for women who opt to sleep naked as these risks are increased with tight, restrictive underwear.”

Sleeping naked helps to combat common illnesses

Dr Patel added: “It’s important to regulate your temperature as you sleep. Many studies have been carried out into thermoregulation of sleep providing evidence that sleeping naked can help to regulate your temperature which is always higher when you’re ill, so ditching the pyjamas is likely to help bring your temperature down and help to combat common illnesses like a cold.”

But you actually feel warmer sleeping naked

Dr Patel says: “Although sleeping naked can aid in thermoregulating your body, if the weather is on the warmer side sleeping without any clothes on can actually make you hotter. 

“It’s recommended that you sleep with a light layer on such as pyjamas or bed linen made from a natural fibre to improve sleep quality and provide a sweat-wicking barrier.”

But you’ll probably sleep better in pj’s

Dr Patel added: “Generally, studies have found that pyjamas are key to achieving an optimal temperature for sleep – but the material is important!

“Opt for sheets and pyjamas made from natural fibres such as organic cotton and bamboo as these have been found to help us achieve a deeper and longer sleep than those who wear mixed fibres or sleep naked for a snooze.”

But you need to wash your sheets once a week

Dr Patel highlighted: “If you do choose to sleep naked, I would recommend that you wash your sheets at least once a week.

“When we sleep we shed hair, skin, saliva and faecal matter which is likely to be increased if you’re sleeping with pyjamas on.

“Let’s not forget that over time your bedding will also collect dust mites so with increased bacteria in the sleep space, wash your bedding once a week.

“If you are sleeping beside someone, I would say it’s personal preference as to whether you sleep naked, as long as both parties are comfortable and aware of the risks.”

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