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As 2020 Draws to a Close, We Need a Mind Shift

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It’s time to heal. It’s time to unite. It’s time for a mind shift. That is why Joshua S. Kangley, the author of The 7 Principles of Success, bring you Mind Shift 2020. This new release is a collection of stories from several inspiring authors from all backgrounds.

2020 certainly has been a heavy year for us all. How do we find a way forward? How do we heal? I believe the answer to both of these posed questions is togetherness. Togetherness through listening, through partnerships – together we will heal, and together we will find a way forward. We all have value and something to offer through our individual stories, and it through our stories, we can teach, guide, and inspire others. That is what Mind Shift 2020 is all about.

‘It’s a collection of stories from people of all backgrounds that are sharing their personal journey and what we can learn from them, I call these wonderful people, “guiding lights”,’ Joshua explained.

When asked what is the purpose of his new book, Joshua, who is also the host of Mind Shift with Joshua Kangley, on YouTube said: ‘My purpose, as in everything I do, is to help as many people as I possibly can, and I do that by keeping the conversations going, and shining a light on people doing amazing things. We need more inspiration now more ever to help us come together and realize our common ground, I hope this book helps with that.’

Mind Shift 2020 is a collection of stories, wit, and wisdom that will inspire you and motivate you on your journey towards your success. This book is jammed packed with inspiration from authors of all backgrounds and they share their unique perspective on what we need to do to succeed and learn from one another. These authors bear their soul for us and if we are open and receptive, can learn something, be uplifted, be inspired, and maybe even have what is known as a mind shift.

These stories will touch your heart and inspire your soul, and don’t we need inspiration now more than ever? You will read stories from doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, authors, a 12-year-old CEO, and so much more.

Joshua calls them ‘guiding lights’ and he hopes that their beacon of light shine on you and guide you to success on your journey. Joshua has discovered that it is my purpose to shine a light on the positive influences in the world and share them with as many people as I possibly can. That is the true intention of this book, to add value in a positive way and to ease that heaviness of 2020 – to get us into the mindset of going forward in 2021.

You can purchase Mind Shift 2020 on Amazon now, in both eBook and print version. 100% of all proceeds in the month of December will to the Keep Rolling Campaign, an organization directed by DeAndre Wilson, in Evansville, IN that centres around community outreach, health, wellness, and cancer awareness. 

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