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2 Fellaz Podcast: Raw, Unfiltered Conversations on Men’s Mental Health

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In a podcasting world filled with polished celebrity shows, “2 Fellaz” emerges as a beacon of raw, unedited truth. Hosted by Dave, a private chef whose life was forever changed by a devastating house fire, and Steve, a marketing CEO who endured childhood abuse by his stepfather starting at age six, this podcast brings their deeply personal conversations into the public sphere, shedding light on men’s mental health issues.

Recorded in the very setting where Dave and Steve found solace – Dave’s living room – each episode of “2 Fellaz” is a live, uncut conversation. This unique approach reflects the real-time processing of emotions and experiences that many men face but seldom discuss openly.

“2 Fellaz” offers a safe space for men to explore a wide range of topics – love, work-life balance, happiness, ageing, trauma, and mental health—through the lens of two individuals who bring unique perspectives and personal stories to the table. The podcast’s lack of scripts, rehearsals, and post-production gives listeners the impression that they are actually present during Dave and Steve’s conversation.

“Our podcast was born from the need to cope with our pasts and the realisation that talking openly could help others,” says Dave. “It’s unscripted, unrehearsed, and untouched by post-production – qualities that make our listeners feel like they’re right there with us, in the living room, part of the conversation.”

Steve adds, “This is about creating a space where men can hear their own fears and challenges echoed in our stories. Having been abused by my stepfather from the age of six, I have yet to find a professional who truly understands my trauma. There are many amazing professionals with degrees, but their lack of lived experience often leaves a gap. This podcast strips away the gloss and gets to the heart of what it means to struggle, to survive, and to support one another.”

“2 Fellaz” has already resonated with listeners across the UK, with many reaching out to share their own experiences and traumas. This connection underscores the podcast’s relatability and the importance of its mission.

Highlights from recent episodes

  • Episode 1: Love (1 March 2024) – Dave and Steve discuss the multifaceted nature of love, sharing personal anecdotes and lessons learned from their own relationships.
  • Episode 2: Work-Life Balance (8 March 2024) – The hosts explore the challenges of balancing professional ambitions with personal fulfilment, offering practical advice and humorous insights.
  • Episode 3: Happiness (15 March 2024) – A deep dive into what happiness truly means, with tips on finding joy in the everyday.
  • Episode 4: Getting Old (22 March 2024) – The realities and humour of ageing, featuring candid reflections on their own experiences.
  • Episode 5: Parenting (29 March 2024) – Heartfelt discussions on the ups and downs of fatherhood, with stories that resonate with every parent.
  • Episode 6: Age & Death (5 April 2024) – Tackling the heavy topics of mortality and the passage of time, with a balance of sensitivity and humor.
  • Episode 7: Trauma (12 April 2024) – A pivotal episode where Dave and Steve open up about their own traumatic experiences, fostering a deeper connection with their listeners.
  • Episode 8: Limiting Beliefs (19 April 2024) – Discussing the self-imposed barriers that hold us back and how to overcome them.
  • Episode 9: Suicide & Loneliness (26 April 2024) – A candid conversation about suicidal thoughts and the importance of seeking help and supporting one another.
  • Episode 10: Sex (3 May 2024) – An open discussion on sexual health and intimacy, breaking down taboos and promoting healthy conversations.
  • Episode 11: Male Stereotypes (10 May 2024) – Examining the pressures and expectations placed on men, and how to navigate and challenge these stereotypes.
  • Episode 12: Influence of Father Figures (17 May 2024) – Reflecting on the impact of father figures and the lessons learned from them.
  • Episode 13: The Mrs (23 May 2024) – Sharing insights and stories about relationships with significant others.
  • Episode 14: Checking In (30 May 2024) – The importance of mental health check-ins and staying connected with oneself and others.
  • Episode 15: Money (6 June 2024) – Discussing financial pressures, budgeting, and the impact of money on mental health.
  • Episode 16: Sea King Helicopters in Copenhagen (13 June 2024) – A humorous and adventurous episode where Dave and Steve delve into a peculiar story involving Sea King helicopters in Copenhagen, blending comedy with reflections on the unexpected twists in life​​.
  • Episode 17: Euthanasia (20 June 2024) – A sensitive discussion on the ethics and personal views surrounding euthanasia.
  • Episode 18: Checking In… ft Rory Hodges (27 June 2024) – A special guest episode with Rory Hodges, focusing on mental health and personal growth.

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