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Articles on Psychreg are usually around 500–1,250 words. While we are not prescriptive about topics and themes, it is expected that articles have some links to psychology, counselling, special education, mental health, and well-being. 

Please note that Psychreg is a blog intended for the general public, and not an academic journal (For scholarly articles, you can send your submission to Psychreg Journal of Psychology).

Commentaries and features for the website are written in a fairly informal style. It does not publish footnotes. An ideal article would be something like this – It’s informative and research-based, but is written in a conversational and engaging style. There’s no need for footnotes or APA style citations; simply include the link of your source. 

While Psychreg can’t offer any monetary reward for your time, it can however provide additional exposure to people and their writings. We receive 200,000 views each month and as soon as it gets published, your article will be promoted through our social media channels. 

Psychreg follows the British Psychological Society Style Guide. For spelling, refer to the the Oxford Dictionaries.

Please send articles to: [email protected], along with your bio of about 100 words, as well as profile photo of yourself (although not crucial, it is nicer if people can see what the author looks like). You should paste your article into the body of the email rather than sending it as an attachment.

Note: If you are a writer for a PR agency or an SEO writer, we charge a publication fee