Psychreg Will Launch a Podcast

Psychreg Will Launch a Podcast

To further encourage discussions on psychology, mental health and well-being, another service from Psychreg will be rolled out very soon — the Psychreg Podcast.  

The podcast is a special collaboration between The Mental Breakdown (hosted by Dr Berney Wilkinson and Dr Richard Marshall) and Psychreg. It is dedicated to the dissemination of information related to mental health, mental illness, parenting, and education. We believe that sharing information is the most ideal way to bring about positive change, not only in our individual lives, but in society in general.

The podcast will also uploaded on YouTube.

The website is still being developed so keep an eye out for further details. We would welcome suggestions for topics that you like us to cover. 

Dennis RelojoDennis Relojo is the Creator of Psychreg. He earned his MSc Research Methods in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire. Before he moved to the UK, Dennis was a psychology lecturer in the Philippines. At present, he is a Learning Support Coach at South Essex College. He also writes psychology articles for Welldoing. You can connect with him through Twitter @DennisRelojo and his website.



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