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Here are the regular contributors to Psychreg and their articles. Simply click the names of the authors to expand. 

Alla Abdin (US)

Anna Pinto-Coelho (Portugal)

Dale Burden (UK)

Dean Griffiths (UK)

09 April 2017 – How is Your Perception of Life?
11 March 2017 – The Power of Resilience
16 February 2017 – Monkey See, Monkey Do
11 January 2017 – What Your Ikigai?
09 December 2016 – The Neuroscience of Motivation
09 November 2016 – Changing Your Brain State Through the Ganzfeld Effect
23 October 2016 – The Illusion of Time
13 October 2016 – The Wonderful World of Nootropics

Dennis Relojo (UK)

Gobinder Gill (UK)

Jean-Luc Vannier (France)

Lianna Tsangarides (US)

Rohit Sagoo (UK)

Ruxandra LeMay (US)

Scott Trettenero (US)